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The Water Corporation is responsible for maintaining and operating water, sewerage and drainage services within its operational areas. It is important that these services are protected from any undue effects of building and construction activity and can be accessed for future maintenance. They can advise you on the minimum distances your structure should be from these services. In some cases, if construction is within the ‘zone of influence’ of our asset, piling of foundations will be required and it may be necessary to confirm the position of the Corporation’s services. This work must be designed and certified by a practising professional engineer before the Corporation will grant building approval. By working with the Water Corporation, we can Finalise your plans

knowing that they will meet all of their requirements.

Building plans need to be submitted to the Water Corporation for approval prior to building any type of structure on your property.  They need to check your plans to ensure proposed buildings are not constructed over, or too close to their assets.The Patio Guys, as well as obtaining shire approval, submit an application for Water corporation approval for the construction of your patio. Once we have recieved your patios building licence from your local shire, we then lodge a water corporation application and obtain approval to build your proposed patio from the water corporation. This process on average takes around 5 business days and will leave you worry free of any hassles that can arise when a new structure is added to your home.If you would like to visit their website for more information click on the link below.

Water Corporation Website