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Global warming has pressured authorities to legislate for more energy efficient building envelopes. SolarSpan® composite technology has become a popular choice because it provides superior thermal performance, reduced structural components and reduces installation costs.

Innovative multifunctional product

-A single product providing roof cladding, insulation and a decorative ceiling lining.

Large Spans

-Reduces structural elements – no rafters or battens required.

Composite Technology

-Allowing fewer components and better spanning performance.

-Impact resistant and reduces noise transmission*

Superior thermal performance

-Blocks heat during warmer seasons.

-Retains warmth during colder months.

Six designer Colorbond® roof colours and two ceiling finish options

-Giving you the choice and ability to blend with today’s modern textures and colour tones.

Quality materials

-Warranted Bluescope® outer lining.

-Expanded Polystyrene inner core is manufactured in-house to our strict specifications.

10 year warranty

-Confidence and peace of mind when dealing with an Australian company that has over 40 years experience in composite technology.

Flexible in design and application

-Well respected design style and finishes adding resale value to any home over a conventional rafter and batten roof system.

-Routed panel rebate for built in electrical services i.e. lighting, fans etc*

Low Maintenance

-Long lasting, easy to clean and never requires painting.

-Smooth surface finish prevents spiders and other insects from nesting.

SolarSpan® is an ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. This all-in-one roofing solution offers the potential to create the ideal indoor/outdoor living environment in any climate. SolarSpan® features a high tensile COLORBOND® steel exterior, a polystyrene core for insulation in all seasons and a pre-painted COLORBOND® steel underside.

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